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Enroll Free 1 On 1 Family Counselling Session

We are organize “ 1 on 1 family Counseling” and wishes to assist parents to become the best teacher for their children. Most of the parents will join the different kind of seminars and consolidate all content to be useful information for child's planning. Unfortunately, all seminars are too general and fit their unique situation and also shy to ask their private question in front the public! As we understand their need of parents.
We are proud to invited an Early learning expert Mr. Johson (Jo Sir) as our Counsellor “ to have 1 on 1 family counseling at the private room with family members, they can select 4 aspects included "Health, Moral, Early learning and Prenatal education"
Counseling:「Expert might arrange some video to reinforce the understanding of implement base on your topic you selected」
Health:By using BB massage, BB gym and BB swim to achieve physical excellence for your Baby. How to use set up a “BB gym base” in your home,
Early learning:How to use games with tools to teach your BB “English, Chinese, Math, Music, Encyclopdia, Multilangual"
Moral:How can you nurture your BB be a confident, problem solver, team player
Prenatal:Use prenatal education system to let your baby be a healthy and fast learner
Please select the counseling topics in details, you are welcome to repeat the same topic with different details if you want to know more
1.Topic of counseling:
2.Topic of counseling:
Content of counseling:
3.Topic of counseling:
Content of counseling:
4.Topic of counseling:
Content of counseling:
Please input your availability during a week as much as possible, we will try to fit your and our expert’s schedule.

For new born Parents, 7 stages of “Child physical development” in different aspects bookmarks (First come first serve, reserve the final decision)

Expert for Early Education :

Jo Sir Bio:(Media interview)

More details about media interview
• Lecturer of HK Chinese university「How to nurture a genius baby」
• Coach of Baby Swim
• Coach of Baby Massage
• Coach of Baby Gym
• Coach of Early education-Right brain education (Learn thru play)• Sweden B.R.M.T. therapist ~focusing
• Psychologist
• Hypnotistc
• Coach of FQ
• Consultant of Eraly learning for Eugene group
• Column writer for HK Economics, Men Yu Newspaper and Ours magazine
• Author_Right brain education
• Lecturer for Mother club

Booking:Please fill in all your information and availability, we will try to match your and our expert’s schedule
Location: Alliance’s meeting room, clubhouse (ensure the privacy of family)
Target:Maternity, and parents who have child between 0 – 6 years old

Content:1 on 1 family counseling (original hourly rate $1,500)

*Enquiry: 3423 4606; 3622 3993

Organizer : Babyplusasia

*we reserve the right for final decisions
* Applicants ensure fill all information are correct。
* I agree the Organizer and Co-organizer can use my information to contact me 。
*Successful enroll will receive our email to confirm the counseling schedule。